Patriarch Sako nominated for the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ 2018

Louis Raphael I Sako, patriarch of the Chaldeans, has been nominated for the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ 2018. For Mar Louis Sako, receiving a prize is not important, but rather the symbolic value of the gesture, because it helps to keep the focus on the Iraqi people alive, as well as on the Christian community, which is still the victim of attacks.

In Iraq and around the world, religious leaders, intellectuals and civil society organizations support the initiative to recognize the work of the Chaldean Patriarch for peaceful society and reconciliation, first as bishop and today as patriarch. This is an essential task in a country that is still characterized by violence, internal conflicts and sectarian divisions.

The nomination is supported by a number of people, in Iraq and the rest of the world, including Christians and Muslims who praise his work for a peaceful society.

The Chaldean community in Belgium and around the world is very proud of its hard-working Church Father.