Father Paulus Sati says goodbye to Mar Jacob’s parish in Antwerp

There is a time of coming and there is a time of going. Saying goodbye is never easy and certainly not to a person who devotes his life to the people.

Father Paul Sati, brother of the Redemptorists, was ordained a priest in 2010 for the Chaldean Church. For the past six years, he has held his priesthood with heart and soul in Antwerp (Belgium) and in Luxembourg. In September 2018 he heard the news that after 6 years of priesthood in the Chaldean parish of Mar Jacob in Antwerp he was promoted to patriarchal procurator for the Chaldean diocese in Egypt.

This brought mixed feelings with the parishioners and all the Belgian Chaldeans who loved him. On the one hand, joy for his promotion, on the other hand grief because of his departure.

Under his leadership, the Mar Jacob parish has grown into a fantastic parish with excellently trained acolytes, subdeacons, a women’s choir, a rosary group etc.

He is a Chaldean in heart and soul, but first and foremost a person who honours ​​the Christian values ​​and has applied them throughout his life.

For the Chaldean community in Belgium this is a great loss, but for the Chaldean Church he will remain a huge asset.

In the name of the whole Chaldean community in Belgium we want to thank Father Paul Athil Sati from the platform Chaldeans in Belgium and wish him a lot success in his future career.