Chaldean woman travels around the world in the fight against poverty

Where your passion and the needs of the world intersect, lies the path of inner growth. An inspiring spell that drives a young Chaldean woman from Mechelen to help improve the world. The 29 year old Sonja Kareman travels around the world to fight against poverty, a task that suits her perfectly. She derives her […]

Chaldeans in Belgium in action to preserve their food culture

For the third time in a row, members of ACOM and Chaldean League Belgium have been able to present their food culture at the Central Square in Mechelen during the car-free Sunday of 16 September 2018. As in previous years, one could  taste the various Mesopotamian cheeses and the traditional bread. A culture consists of […]

The Chaldean flag, a contemporary design with a centuries-old meaning.

The Chaldean flag is a design of the 20th century, like the flags of other Christian groups from the Middle East. However, its design is based on symbols that represent an age-old history. The first designs have been made since 1985 by Amer Fatuhi, Chaldean artist and historian. The last and final design by Amer […]