Dear visitor,

Welcome to our website, an initiative of Chaldeans from Belgium with the aim to provide information about the Chaldean community, a Christian population from the Middle East.

Our target group are people who want to know an answer to the question: ‘Who are the Chaldeans?’

To obtain a brief and very concise summary of Chaldeans, click on ‘introduction’.

The website is divided into the following sections:

News: here you will be able to read news articles that concern Chaldeans all over the world.

History: here you will be able to obtain information about the history of Chaldeans and other Christian populations from the Middle East. In order to ensure that the reading runs smoothly and to be able to inform you in as short a time as possible, we try to keep the texts as concise as possible, but with a relevant content that reflects a correct picture of the subject in question.

Culture: this page informs about the culture, traditions and customs of Chaldeans. Here we will also publish messages about cultural events that contribute to the diverse society in Belgium.

Religion: for Chaldeans, religion is central and so we want to make a substantive contribution with this website. In this section you can obtain information about the Church of the East of the Chaldeans and other related churches from the Middle East.