The Church of the East of the Chaldeans is an age-old Church whose roots go back to the first apostles of Jesus.

Tribute to Louis Raphael Sako I, the tireless shepherd

For 50 years, His Eminence, Louis Raphaël Sako I, has been at the service of the Church of the East of the Chaldeans. An ideal moment to look back on his career as shepherd of the Chaldean Church and protector of the Chaldean identity. It must be said: he is not just any shepherd. Mgr. […]

The star of the Chaldean Church

The Church of the East of the Chaldeans uses ancient symbolism with historical meanings that are not always clear to everyone. An unfortunate fact, because behind symbols lie very valuable cultural elements that have often formed the basis of our thinking, our faith, our traditions, etc. In this article we deal with the star that […]

The division of the Church of the East and the story of Yohannan Sulaqa

Introduction   The Church of the East (Eta ed Mèdenha) has known many internal conflicts throughout history, but since 1552 it has had a development process, which is rather complex and has had quite major organisational consequences[1]. This development was largely influenced by the Roman Catholic Church. Within the Church of the East (Eta ed […]