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Chaldeans in Northern Mesopotamia

Introduction As a result of the name conflict between the Eastern Christians, all kinds of theories are being sent out into the world. Theories formed by the selective use of historical information. Such theories form the basis of endless discussions and hinder the unity between the Christian population groups in the Middle East. One of […]

Card Sako: Iraqi Christians, caught between survival and migration

Card Sako: Iraqi Christians, caught between survival and migration by Louis Raphael Sako* In a letter the Chaldean primate recalls the sufferings and persecutions of community in the last decade. He calls for future “guarantees” and a “common foundation” based on equal citizenship. The challenge of emigration, can only be defeated by restoring a social […]

Final Statement of the 2018 Chaldean Synod

Final Statement of the 2018 Chaldean Synod In response to His Beatitude (H. B.) Patriarch Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako’s invitation, the Synod of the Chaldean Church held its’ annual meeting, 7-13 August 2018, at the Patriarchate Headquarters in Baghdad. Bishops of different dioceses participated, including Australia, America, Canada, Europe, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, bearing […]

Chaldeans in Belgium

A little bit of history   Whether they identify themselves as Chaldeans, Assyrians or Arameans, one thing they all have in common, namely their liturgical and linguistic heritage. They are Christians from the Middle East (South-East Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran) who have been the victims of persecution and oppression for the sake of their faith […]

Pope Fransiscus appoints patriarch Louis Raphael Sako to cardinal

Pope Francis will create fourteen new cardinals on 29 June 2018, including our Chaldean patriarch Louis Raphael Raphael Sako. For our patriarch Louis Raphael Sako this is a gift from the Pope to the entire Chaldean Church and a great support to the Christian minorities in Iraq, who have often been faced with persecutions by […]

Patriarch Sako nominated for the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ 2018

Louis Raphael I Sako, patriarch of the Chaldeans, has been nominated for the ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ 2018. For Mar Louis Sako, receiving a prize is not important, but rather the symbolic value of the gesture, because it helps to keep the focus on the Iraqi people alive, as well as on the Christian community, which […]