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Six untruths about the Chaldeans

  The Chaldean identity was made up or invented. A general explanatory dictionary teaches us that the verbs ‘make up’ and ‘invent’ mean that one thinks up or imagines something new. Chaldeans are a Semitic people of Mesopotamia with roots dating back to prehistoric times. “Assyrian nationalists” should know that, because it was Nabopolassar, a […]

The star of the Chaldean Church

The Church of the East of the Chaldeans uses ancient symbolism with historical meanings that are not always clear to everyone. An unfortunate fact, because behind symbols lie very valuable cultural elements that have often formed the basis of our thinking, our faith, our traditions, etc. In this article we deal with the star that […]

Chaldeans in Northern Mesopotamia

Introduction As a result of the name conflict between the Eastern Christians, all kinds of theories are being sent out into the world. Theories formed by the selective use of historical information. Such theories form the basis of endless discussions and hinder the unity between the Christian population groups in the Middle East. One of […]

Chaldeans in Belgium

Whether they identify themselves as Chaldeans, Assyrians or Arameans, one thing they all have in common, namely their liturgical and linguistic heritage. They are Christians from the Middle East (South-East Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Iran) who have been the victims of persecution and oppression for the sake of their faith since the beginning of Christianity. After […]

Name conflict eastern Christian

Introduction Since the end of the 19th century, Christians from ancient Mesopotamia, such as Chaldeans, Arameans, Assyrians etc., are confronted with name conflicts that have persisted to this day. These name conflicts have always been the result of schisms and the disputes within this framework have evolved from a religious historical background to an ethnically-historical […]