Today there is much uncertainty about the history of Chaldeans and other Christian populations from the Middle East.

In order to explain this history, we have to dive into this matter in depth, as it has a complex and very broad background.

We do this from an objective point of view and with respect for the treated identities. This informative medium has the ultimate goal of creating a support base on this subject. Our goal is to bring the right information to the interested persons.

We refer especially to those who hopelessly end up searching for information on this subject on subjective and misinformed sources on the internet.

All that is published here, of course, consists of objective information, which comes not just from the internet, but rather from works by historians and academics. We also always use source reference, so that every reader can verify everything.

We reflect, as the definition of ‘history’ is, the story that describes all the events around our identity and that of the other Christian populations from the Middle East.

All this does not alter the fact that we have to approach some matters critically.